The club house Adas MC has over the years rented three different Club Houses, and decided that the fourth Club House should be Club-owned. In 1998 the members bought the old Canteen building in the closed-down LV5 military area. The place had since the close-down been a printing-works house, and left only an empty shell. The discussions about the new layout and priorities in refurnishing this new Club House were getting hot. After a while, the members decided to prioritize the Member’s room, with a Bar, tables, and scene for live entertainment, as most members already had their bikes in different garages in nearby buildings. The work started in December 1998, and we would be lying if we said that we are finished. Everything takes time, but the opening of the Member’s room took place the last of April 2000. As Adas is not the “Youth club” it once was - most of us have families and own businesses to take care of – the refurnishing of the rest of the Club House is going slower. The plan is to have a garage where most of the members´ bikes can be hosted, and a Members Only room, with sauna and showers, but before we get there, we have quite a few hours of work ahead of us.