Welcome to Adas MC     We are a Biker´s Club with 25 members, established in 1980. We still have a handful of members that has been engaged in the Club since the start. Today, just as for 20 years ago, Adas is a non-profit organisation, which is based on our members´ comradeship and common interest in bikes. Together through the years we have managed to rent and furnish three different Club Houses, until we finally bought our own place, for the rest of our time here on Mother Earth. Slowly, we are renovating and furnishing our own Club House, which in the end will contain everything a Club our size and calibre needs! To get more information about the Club, click on the menu on top to know more about our history, a map to the Club House, etc. Our most succeesful event is the annual ”Adas Plöjparty”, which takes place at the weekend just before the Swedish Midsummer (mid June). The Party has been organized since 1990, and normally up to 600 bikers turn up, making this the largest and most popular Bikers Meeting in the North of Sweden.     Best regards, Per (IQ) Ytteråker, President of Adas MC.     This week's quote: In 1969 i finished with both alcohol and sex. It was the worst twenty minutes in my life.                                     George Best THANKS Click